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Accurate Overseas Consultant (AOC) welcomes you to Advance English Language Programme. This course is for one who can read, write and speak English on an average level. This course includes Interactive Sessions on Everyday life activity like Meeting People, Buying Things, Going Places, Different Occasions & gift Items, Pronunciation of well-known countries, Leisure time activities, Asking Questions, Past Expressions & Sensations, Clothes & different Accessories, Describing Human Corpse, A look into the Future, What did you do? and many more.

Advance English Course I for Everyday Life - Classroom Training, 70 hours

Grammar and Vocabulary

Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Articles, Conjunctions, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions of Place, Prepositions of Time, Various Tenses, Implementation of grammar in sentences.

Pronunciation Drills

Correct Pronunciation, Listen to Expert Voice, record your voice and compare, MTI influence words, Words Library for speaking practice, Listen and Record sentences with correct Pronunciation and compare with Expert voice

Soft Skills

Body Language, Tone of Communication, Meeting Etiquettes, English culture & Manners, Confidence building

English For Everyday Life

There are total 65 Audio video units covering

Greetings and Farewells, Communication with unknown persons, Family Relationships, Gifts on Occasions, Exchanging Information, Asking for Directions, Shopping for Clothes/Footwear/Veg & Fruits/Ice-cream, Describing Present/Past/Future activities and many other everyday situations.

Course Highlights

  • Fun and Interactive way of learning
  • Free assistance after course completion
  • Audio video sessions
  • Pre - Mid - Post Assessment for Improvement

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Course Duration - 45 hours
Start Dates - Flexible
Batches - Flexible Batch timings
Minimum Age - 17 years
Class Size - 15-20 learners
Timetable - All batches are Monday - Friday with morning, afternoon and evening batches.
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Study Material - Free Books

For Coaching

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